Sat, Oct 19


Paco Versailles is a duo consisting of Ryan Merchant, and Vahagni Aryan who is a world-class Spanish-trained flamenco guitarist. Paco Versailles was born in 2019 in Venice, CA after Ryan and Vahagni threw a series of parties where they fused modern dance, nu-disco and pop with the sounds of Spanish flamenco music. Since then they've built a dedicated fan base and have turned those parties into long list of sold-out shows throughout the US and Latin America. Their sound is a mix of flamenco guitar rhythms with disco-leaning electronic production and captivating vocals, a style they call Dancemenco. The name 'Paco Versailles' was conceived while imagining a collaboration between their biggest influences, the legendary Spanish guitarist Paco De Lucia and French electronic artists Daft Punk and Air, both products of the Parisian suburb of Versailles. Paco Versailles is releasing their 3rd studio album, Olé Maca, on September 13, 2024.